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Abu Dhabi Tour Report

Published: 03 February 2012

Well it didn’t seem that long ago since I was in Dubai for the last event of the 2011 season and now I was back for my first event of the 2012 season. A new year new possibilities…..

I arrived in Dubai a few days prior to heading to Abu Dhabi. Lee Westwood Chris Wood and James Morrison were there for a few days practice before the first event of the desert swing in the adjoining emirates with Lee.

It was good to catch up with Lee in particular, with whom I hadn’t seen since his stunning performance in Thailand. Lee finished the season strong and really seemed to take on board the suggestions I had made on his putting. He certainly was starting the ball on line more and with better speed. Two of the key outcomes we had highlighted that needed to be improved.

In Dubai we collected some data on his stroke to see how the Christmas period had affected it and it was a case of just brushing up on the same things.

I also hadn’t seen Chris Wood for a while as he had missed the last bit of the season due to injury. We did some good work as Chris had slipped into aiming poorly which then leads to him compensating and an inconsistent starting line. When Chris aims well he putts well.

James is a new pupil. I helped James a little at the end of 2011 and he putt in some good performances. On the back of that James wanted to commit to some more detailed work on the tour week to week. I actually believe James is an exceptional putter already so it more of case of making James practices efficiently and maintain a higher level of consistency.

I arrived in Abu Dhabi on the Monday of the event. The greens as usual were very good. Quick and with a fair amount of grain made them quite tricky and I think many of the players were struggling to read them and factor in the grain.

On Tuesday I spent some time with Darren Clarke and Ross Fisher with whom I am back working with. On Wednesday I walked a few with Thomas Bjorn in the pro am as he was struggling a little with his putter. However he was striking the ball fantastic, if the putter warms up he will be a contender these next few weeks in the desert. I also caught up with Michael Hoey on Wednesday and we spent some time green reading which is an area that we have highlighted he can improve on.

It was a busy week, the general pattern was up for the 630am bus in the morning and back on the 630pm bus in the evening, quick shower, dinner at the hotel and then bed at 930pm. Not the glamorous life people might think when you tell them you are off to Abu Dhabi for the week working.

With it being a long haul trip I stayed for the first rounds and spent some time walking the course and watching the guys. It’s always good to see how players take their practice to the course. It also helps you develop a better feel for how good a player is at controlling their speed or reading the green. Vital ingredients to successful putting.

I returned home on the Friday night and will miss the Qatar Maters before returning back to Dubai for the desert classic. Life on back on tour!





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