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SWA-150Harold Swash Putting has more than 40 years' of experience in the golf industry through coaching, golf club designer and the creation of putting training aids.

As a result of its passion for coaching, Director Phillip Kenyon, brings to the golfing public the Putting School of Excellence, offering golfers of all abilities the chance to conquer the 'Game within a Game'.

Phil has coached some of the world’s leading players such as Lee Westwood, Henrik Stenson, Darren Clarke and Thomas Bjorn amongst many others. Feel free to browse our website and check out the coaching and fitting services we provide, and the training aids and products that are available. Also please feel free to follow us on 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' and get the latest news from the European Tour from Phil Kenyon.

Located at Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa

The school boasts a 650 square foot indoor putting green which is accompanied by multiple video camera’s, large wall mounted LCD TV’s, SAM Puttlab and a SAM Balanceplate. Read more...

SWA-146 wide studio

Insights into our Coaching

3 SWA-138Individual Lessons

'One to One' Coaching is available with Director Phillip Kenyon or Staff Instructor Mike Kanski. Initial 2 hour appointments are recommended which can then be followed by 1 hour sessions. All lessons utilise the latest technology including video analysis, SAM Puttlab and

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1 SWA-155Coaching Clinics

HSPSE clinics are undertaken in groups of two or more people. HSPSE clinics offer an intense but rewarding day for the golfer that is keen to master the art of putting and move a step closer to achieving their potential. The day consists of three main sections Theory, Analysis and

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Visio Putting Training Aids - A Comprehensive Directory

Mi Putting Template


"The Visio Mi Putting Template"

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Mi Putting Template is putting matt designed to give you visual and kineasthetic feedback of one the most important aspects of putting controlling the face angle.

The series of templates (12, 15 and 18 degrees ) represent three commonly found curvatures 'or' arcs of stroke.

Along with the projection of the curvature of the stroke the putting template displays the club face angle of the putter, as it is when square to the arc of that stroke, at the various point of the stroke.

The arc of the stroke is aligned also so that the projected path at impact is perfectly square to the ball to target line which is also referenced on the putting template.

Mi Putting Template

A common preference for many golfers and teaching professionals is to ensure the putter face is square to the path of the stroke particularly through the hitting area and that the path is pointing down the ball to target line at impact.

This is the fundamental feature of the putting template. Training with the template will help you start a ball online with impact conditions that will also minimise excessive side spin and promote a better ball roll to help distance control and accuracy.

The template also comes with holes placed strategically where you can fix tee pegs to help physically constrain the stroke to shape of each individual arc. Holes are also located at the end of the template where the ball must exit inbetween if the ball is to start your ball to target line.

Tee pegs can be placed in the holes or you can use the Visio Putting Gates to give you feedback on the club face angle at impact and the accuracy of your start line.

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